Broadcast premier of the Triumph of Joy

“Excellent show & inspiration for our community! We need more of this positive influence.” — Victor Cantu “Such a nice broadcast! Wonderful to hear positive things!” — Vicky Francis The broadcast premier of The Triumph of Joy aired on KZFR 90.1FM on Thursday, August 6th. Featuring Journalist and performing artist Ashiah Scharaga, humanist and youthContinue reading “Broadcast premier of the Triumph of Joy”

How to be HAPPY, dammit!

Yesterday I cycled my soul to the venerable Has Beans Coffee and Tea book nook. My entire pedal was an ode of contemplation for “The Triumph of Joy.” I was all eyes and ears encountering Humboldt Avenue, especially the seedy side, in a way and sense I had yet experienced — liberated, alive and HAPPY.Continue reading “How to be HAPPY, dammit!”

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