A snip of sunshine

I was pedaling past the grandest sunflower patch in my neighborhood just as a car pulled to a stop in front of it. Out jumped a jolly man, short and stout, who clipped a sunflower top from tippy toes circling back to his car in seconds. Our eyes met along with playful grins at the deed. I flashed a peace sign as he closed his door, and I laughed at his laugh while he was driving away with his snip of sunshine.

Broadcast premier of the Triumph of Joy

Ashiah Scharaga, Sybil and The Bidwells

“Excellent show & inspiration for our community! We need more of this positive influence.” — Victor Cantu

“Such a nice broadcast! Wonderful to hear positive things!” — Vicky Francis

The broadcast premier of The Triumph of Joy aired on KZFR 90.1FM on Thursday, August 6th. Featuring Journalist and performing artist Ashiah Scharaga, humanist and youth counsellor Greg Shafer, with musical guest The Bidwells.

Listen to the Premier Show NOW on Google Drive

Listen to the Premier Show on KZFR 90.1FM

How to be HAPPY, dammit!

Yesterday I cycled my soul to the venerable Has Beans Coffee and Tea book nook. My entire pedal was an ode of contemplation for “The Triumph of Joy.” I was all eyes and ears encountering Humboldt Avenue, especially the seedy side, in a way and sense I had yet experienced — liberated, alive and HAPPY.

I parked my bicycle with glee to see what goodie I could score from the free library.

I absorbed the cabinetry: smiling at the Scooby Doo Mystery lettering and being soothed to see Edgar Allen Poe, my first love as a reader, hand-painted down the right-hand side. When my homage shifted to the books I saw just one; the orange book screaming HAPPY at me. I blurted, “Oh my God,” while rubbing my hands together with joy. Dammit, I saw no other book but this one, as if HAPPY was my girl longing for fondling. I was joyful to pedal my girl home with me.

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